Learning and Development Centre Proposal – University Assignment.

The Queensland Folk Federation is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision of inclusive, creative and inspiring community growth of cultures and traditions. Over the years the organisation has become a symbol of environmental stability, de-urbanisation, diversity and human rights. The Queensland Folk Federation is aware of earth’s ever-growing issues and believes that sustainability is more than improving the environmental quality of an area, it’s about community development, decision-making processes, awareness, involvement and engagement. Its about reaching a common goal and maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental protection. The federation’s past history, committed volunteers, sustainable beliefs and future goals will and has aided in creating a benchmark for communities and cities elsewhere.

The Woodford Folk Festival is one of the only major festivals in the world to have a permanent home. Late 2012, organisers decided it was time to fully utilise and expand on Woodfordia’s facilities to cater for an array of festivals and educational programs held throughout the year in addition to the folk festival. The dream was simple; provide the facilities to promote sustainable sharing and environmental education. The main purpose is to give those who live in built-up cities a chance to escape; so these individuals can experience, learn, work, celebrate and build up an appreciation and understanding of the importance of rural living, community development, resource sharing, environmental restoration, protection and stability. Organisers believe that community development will encourage individuals to contribute to the collective whole and adapt their social trends routines and lifestyles to those that are environmentally aware. Organisers began by developing teaching programs and sharing implementation strategies that encourage patrons to dedicate themselves to Woodfordia’s new Learning and Development Retreat and to leave the city behind for a desired period of time. Patrons will learn to live in collaboration with a number of sustainable economic, social and environmental requirements and services.

Please visit the following YouTube link to view my 9 minute Woodfordia Learning and Development Retreat Video.