The New Machine

Discovery Centre Proposal – University Assignment – Folded Card and Foam Model

The task was to explore the way in which 21st century architecture can be driven and enhanced by emerging technologies. Le Corbusier famously described his 1923 ‘Vers une Architecture’ house as a “machine for living in”, but unlike the passive machines of the 20th century, ‘The New Machine’ is an assembly of technologies, truly active mechanisms and components.

The centre revitalises an abandoned location within the city of Brisbane and addresses the surrounding context by offering Support to the local universities, libraries, youth and art centres. The building teaches and embraces the potential of all users with unlimited access and an abundant amount of resources.

The folded form is an abstraction and a crystallised extension of the cliff face in which the building leans against, providing a 180 degree view of the surrounding city. The Building will be will be an intelligent, nurturing machine functioning as a Discovery Centre, Interactive Museum and Library with the intension to create an ever-changing experience for the users. The New Machine is Bold – to attract, enhance and inspire learning. The facade is made from steel (alike the Story Bridge above) and variable tinted glass and sandwich panels, therefore the buildings colour and transparency will change and adjust according to remote sensor-collected data from inside the building.

The integration of emerging, experimental and imaginary technologies used in the proposal are aimed to assist in the promotion and enforcement of healthier environments, innovative learning and different ways of thinking. Flexibly within these spaces; the collaborative learning areas, the dramatic displays and various social hubs is of the most importance. The building needs to be accommodating and adaptive enough for traditional, current and evolving activities and technologies in order to maintain its innovative reputation.

The New Machine – Card Model