Refuge One

2050 Vertical Farm Proposal – University Assignment.

No city today could survive on its own resources. The earth’s eco-systems are highly unpredictable and self-organising. They undergo gradual stresses and tipping points, meaning any eco-system could drastically tip into another equilibrium state for either the better or for the worse.

It is the year 2050 and the earth has experienced major adjustments to its tectonic plates, causing a series of major earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, natural disasters and world devastation. With the latest tectonic movements, the Haynes Street Fortitude Valley community needs hope, they need refuge.

Refuge One is a revolutionary facade design and vertical farm proposal comprised of a modular pod structural system complete with integrated services, complementing the workings of the vertical farm from planting and cultivating through to harvesting and distribution.

Farming Pods

Please visit the following YouTube link to view my mid-semester assessment video.  It’s about establishing a proposition and the contexts for the year 2050 after the earth has gone through a series of tipping points. Through the understanding of Urban Resilience; a description, basic concept design and key ideas for a Vertical Farm located at Hynes St Fortitude Valley were illustrated to set the scene for the semesters final design project.

Please visit the following YouTube link to view my 4 minute final assessment Refuge_1 Vertical Farm Video.


Refuge One
Refuge One