Graduation 2013

I graduated from Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point in 2013 with a Bachelor of Design, Architectural Studies Major. My university experience included:

Bachelor of Design (DE40), Architectural Studies Major. Study was supported by the integration of teaching, practice and research; focusing on primarily on innovation and sustainable development. Embedded aspirations included the incorporation of sustainable systems and the application of advanced digital design tools to address sustainability, impacts on human health, environmental quality, social relationships and urban systems. Workplace learning strongly informed architectural education at QUT with the inclusion of collaborative learning, practical workplace experiences and project-based design units. I chose to broaden my learning outcomes by pursuing associated studies outside of the design field:

  • Sustainability (BEBXMNR), Minor Associated Studies. Sustainable specific studies included subjects on Retrofitting Sustainability (BEB901), Greening the Built Environment (BEB902), Greenhouse Solutions (BEB903) and Sustainable Design Systems (BEB213).
  • Urban and Regional Planning (UBDXMNR), Minor Associated Studies. Urban systems and planning subjects included Stewardship of Land (UDB101), Introduction into Planning and Design (UDB161), Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (UDB369) plus Environmental Planning and Management (UDB370).

Bachelor of Design (DE40), Landscape Architecture Major. I completed the first of a four year Landscape Architecture Degree, with subject specific courses including Introducing Landscape Design (DLB130) and Environmental Design 1 (DLB210).