Anzac Square Pedestrian Structure

The chosen site is a pedestrian overpass linking Central Station and Anzac Square to the park across the road, the plazas and streets beyond. This concrete pedestrian connection is in full sun all day apart from a period between 9 and 10am when it is overshadowed by a nearby high rise building. The pedestrian link also provides access to the International College and is used by students, workers located nearby or those using the train station. Tourists visiting Anzac Square and the war memorials may wish to explore further across the overpass into the food court. The square is quite formal, it has a line of symmetry that extends across a few blocks creating an open green space with the train station and post office located at either end.

The intent of my pedestrian shelter is to be functional and act as a public art piece. The structure will provide protection from the sun and rain, it will be light and semi-transparent so the parks symmetry and views from the overpass are not disrupted, and cast iron and danpalon are the chosen materials. The cast iron will consist of various highly detailed disks to provide interest. These disks will be layered enough to create a semi-transparent screen and for people to notice a new bit of detail every time they walk past. The piece can be viewed from the ground level and an informative element will be incorporated into the design. Small plaques will provide tourist and the International College students with information about other landmarks and areas around Brisbane. The majority of the iron disks will be stamped with images of Brisbane icons. This informative element will link the functional art structure to other areas of Brisbane. There are a number of small iron features around the CBD, a fence, ornamental garden light or decorative shop sign. Anzac Square uses cast iron to protect the flame located at the centre of the memorial and as a balustrade along already protected sections of the link to Central Station.